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    Empowering Enel for a bright, connected future

    ENEL updated their grid with  our Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), improving quality energy service and reliability.

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    More mindful entertainment

    How Schneider Electric innovation helped AEG set new levels of excellence for sustainable entertainment venues.

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    Sustainability Checks in at Hilton

    International hotelier finds Schneider Electric improves efficiency, experience and innovation at every level of its properties.

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    The connected bakery

    Maison Manival, a French artisanal bakery, proves that Schneider Electric connected technology can help sustain traditional businesses.

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    Colocation in Atlanta

    Edge computing helps Internap, a global colocation provider, meet and exceed their customers' latency and agility needs.

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    Operational and information technology, interconnected like never before.
    • Empowering Enel for a bright, connected future Enel updated their grid management system to meet tomorrow’s needs, while improving quality of service and reliability Read more
    • More Sustainable Entertainment Discover how Schneider Electric provided innovation at every level to make AEG a more profitable and sustainable company. Read more
    • The Energy Concierge Schneider Electric offered Hilton innovative, energy-efficient solutions that delivered  lower costs and sustainable value to all aspects of hotel operations, from board rooms to guest rooms, and every level in between. Read more
    • The connected bakery A French artisanal bakery proves that Schneider connected technology can help sustain traditional businesses. Learn more
    • Up to speed in Atlanta How colocation provider Internap is setting the pace. Learn more
    • The smart aquarium Creating and maintaining environments where people connect to animals. Read more
    • The Hurricanes’ Microclimate Creating the perfect conditions for all kinds of entertainment. Read more
    • The Edge, Amsterdam Discover the innovation behind the world’s most sustainable office building. Discover more
    • Taking to the skies Modernizing an airport’s electrical distribution - from parking to departure - without delays Discover more
    • Data meets nature Green Mountain’s data center is cooled by the deep waters of a Norwegian fjord. Working with nature, we’ve helped save energy and protect the environment. Read more
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      Part of the Red Sox team

      When the Boston Red Sox go out to bat, they’ve got Schneider Electric right behind them. Find out how we help David Mellor, Director of Grounds, stay one step ahead of the weather.

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      Resource Advisor Discover the sustainability and energy management platform. Read more
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      EVlink Charging Stations Reduce the carbon footprint of your home. Read more
    • Woman and men excited and dancing, life is on
      Advanced Distribution Management System Extra efficiency for electrical utilities keeps positive energy flowing for millions. Read more
    • Mother feeding her son a cookie, food and beverage
      MachineStruxure Solutions Smarter machine automation means better, fresher delivery, every time. Read More
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      Sustainability Services Services to help your company be more sustainable Read More
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      Internet of Things (IoT) We create new possibilities through connectivity. Read More

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