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Electrical Energy
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            Electrical Energy solution: Electrical distribution and control for nuclear power plants




            Value proposition



            Main drivers

            • High growth potential due to investments in power generation in Asia
              - Nuclear market is moving from Europe and North America towards Asia (average of 6 reactors per year in China)
              - Need of high investments in China and India to support economic growth
              - 20% growth per year until 2010 (new plants, revamping and decommissioning)
            • The different markets
              - New projects of EPR reactors (European Pressurized Reactor) under EDF specifications in France (5 EPR), Italy (1 EPR), UK, Inde, Chine, South Africa, USA (2 EPR)
              - Other projects in China, India and Russia out of EPR
              - ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) and other research reactors
              - Nuclear plant retrofit : 25% of install based worldwide is more than 30 years old
                     France (EDF, 58 reactors) , South Africa (Koeberg), Korea (Uljin), USA, UK, Russia
              - Reactor life extension (up to 60 years) in Spain and France
              - Decommissioning projects in UK and France

            Differentiation factors

            • 1-stop shopping with 1 single supplier able to provide the complete qualified offer
            • Qualified UPS nuclear offer (Gutor)
            Value proposition



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            Solution breakdown

            Offer for auxiliaries that does not require safety nuclear qualification
            • Automation, control, supervision and monitoring

               - Variable speed drive (Altivar) and motor starters (Altistar)
               - PLC automates (Quantum, Premium, M340) and HMI (Magelis)
            • Motor Control Centers (MCC)

              - Okken power switchboard
              - Motorpact MV motor starter
            • LV electrical distribution

              - Prisma switchboard
              - Compact and Masterpact switchgear
              - LV/LV transformers
            • MV electrical distribution and protection

              - MCset, Fluair, NEX, CBGS, GMset, GM6, CGset
              - SM6, RM6 and CAS36 cubicles
              - MV loose switchgears and contactors
              - Trihal cast-resin transformers
              - Prefabricated kiosks
              - SEPAM Protection relay and RTUs
              - Power Quality and metering (ION)
              - MV capacitor banks for energy compensation
            • Uninterrupable Power Supply

              - Gutor UPS solution for nuclear power plant
            • Building automation

              - HVAC (TAC)
              - Access control (Pelco)
            • Services

              - Complete services including analysis, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.
              - Revamping/retrofit, consulting services and training

            Offer qualified for safety nuclear application (RCC-E and NQA-1)
            RCC-E : nuclear qualification for EDF (France)
            NQA-1 : nuclear quality assurance, level 1 (USA)
            • Motor Control Centers (MCC)

              - Okken power switchboard
            • LV electrical distribution

              - LV/LV transformers
              - Masterpact and Compact NS : NQA-1 approved and waiting for approval under RCC-E
            • MV distribution and control

              - MCset (up to 6,6kV)
              - Trihal cast-resin MV/LV transformers (6,6kV/480V)
            • Uninterrupable Power Supply

              - Gutor UPS solution for nuclear power plant