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Electrical Energy
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            Electrical Energy solution: Large Hydro Power Plant




            Value proposition

            Market drivers
            • Only 30% of potential hydro power resources have been harnessed
            • 19% of the world's electricity production is generated by hydroelectric power
            • Increase of electricity needs and global trend to lower carbon emissions

            Main customer drivers

            • Provide constant electricity supply
            • Supply energy at fixed cost maintaining operating margin
            • Be flexible to adapt quickly to peak consumption
            • Support an environmental approach

            Differentiation factors
            • Operating 365 days/year
            • Flexible, modular architecture
            • Reliable and capable of offering a high level of dependability
            • Optimised plant management




            Process control architecture in large hydro plant

            Main characteristics

            Main characteristics


            Electrical Distribution for auxiliaries in large hydro plant

            Solution breakdown

            Main Services:
            • Engineering
            • Development
            • Commissioning
            • Retrofit

            Electrical distribution for auxiliary supply and step-up substation:
            • AIS and GIS primary MV cublicles (MCset, CBGS)
            • Secondary MV cubicles (SM6, RM6)
            • Sepam Protection relays
            • Power quality and revenue metering
            • MV/LV and MV/MV Transformers
            • LV boards (Prisma, Okken)

            Automation and supervision:
            • Generator synchronisation and protection
            • Control of motor and pumps (auxiliaries)
            • Supervision (PLC), monitoring (HMI) and remote control
            • Access control and video monitoring