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Electrical Energy
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            Electrical Energy solution: Micro Hydro power plant




            Value proposition

            Main drivers 

            • Less than 30% of worldwide hydro resources are currently been used.
            • Global trend worldwide to invest in Renewable Energies
            • Hydro plants used as energy storage in some countries
            • Incentive from governments, for example the Renewable Energy Plan in Europe: 20% of electricity must come from renewable energies in 2020.
            • Ageing assets in some countries lead to massive renovation plans (example: RenouvEau plan in France)


            Solution in brief

            • Solution for micro hydro power plants, lower than 1MW: 1 turbine generator unit or several small generators (multi site) and local control.

            Main applications:
            • Turbine-Generator unit management.
            • Protection of generator set.
            • Synchronization to grid network.
            • HMI and remote monitoring.

            Customer benefits
            • Autonomous
            • Cost effective and compact solution
            • Ready-to-use, easy to integrate and set up
            • Remote management capability

            Differentiation factors
            • Complete solution from automation, electrical distribution to grid connection
            • Customer support in the design phase and along all the life cycle of the installation.





            1. Remote control Web navigator
            2. SMS alarm system
            3. Magelis XBT GT HMI
            4. W@de W325 telemetry controller
            5. GPC, synchroniser, protection & monitoring module
            6. Instrumentation: flow, water level, pressure
            7. Valves, gates, deflectors, injectors
            8. Ventilation, bearing greasing system: TeSys U & TeSys T motor starters and Altivar drives
            9. Auxiliaries, contactor and circuit breakers
            10. W@de W310 standalone data acquisition module
            11. Ositrack RFID module
            12. Powerhouse webcam control
            13. 2 Modbus ports for external devices
            14. Generator excitation control
            15. Step-up transformer
            16. LV or MV circuit breaker

            Main characteristics

            Main characteristics


            Example of Grid connection, electrical distribution and supervision architecture of a micro hydro power plant

            Solution breakdown

            Main Services:
            • Engineering
            • Development
            • Commissioning
            • Retrofit

            Electrical distribution for auxiliary supply and step-up substation:
            • AIS and GIS cublicles
            • Protection relays
            • Power quality
            • Transformers
            • LV boards.

            Automation and supervision:
            • Generator synchronisation and protection
            • Control of motor and pumps (auxiliaries)
            • Supervision (PLC), monitoring (HMI) and remote control
            • Access control and video monitoring