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Electrical Energy
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            Electrical Energy solution: Photovoltaic generation for solar farm and large buildings




            Value proposition

            Main drivers

            • Global trend worldwide to take into account the environment
            • Technology improvements: solar energy will be profitable within 5 to 10 years
            • Incentive from governments mainly in developed countries (Europe, USA, Japan):

                 - Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS ) in the USA.

                 - Renewable Energy plan in Europe: 20% of electricity must come from renewable energies in 2020.

                 - Solar program in Japan since 1970


            Value proposition

            • Maintenance and operation offer ensure 97,5% installation availability for 20 years
            • Complete solution including power conversion, electrical distribution and supervision
            • Modular and industrialised offer leading to optimised time to market
            • Efficient and reliable supervision and monitoring platform adapted to solar applications
            • Leading position worldwide thanks to extensive inverter range (2kW to 500kW)


            Differentiation factors

            • Ability to ensure technical quality of our offer to our customers
            • Customers feel safe knowing that the manufacturer will take charge of maintenance for their products
            • Solution and services centres to support engineering, project management, commissionning and maintenance



            Key downloads & links


            Solution breakdown

            • Low voltage electrical distribution
                 - LV panel boards
                 - LV AC and DC protection:
                   circuit breakers (Compact NS), contactors (Interpact)
            • DC/AC Converters
                  Xantrex inverter range : 30 - 100 - 250 - 500 kW 
            • Conversion LV/MV substation
                 - Step-up LV/MV Oil and Trihal cast resin transformers
                 - MV secondary cubicles: RM6, SM6 24kV and 36kV, CAS36
                 - Remote control (RTU) Easergy T200
                 - Prefabricated kiosks (Biosco)
                 - Power quality and metering : ION7650 and PM800
            • Grid connection substation
                 - MV primary cubicles: MCset (AIS) and CBGS (GIS)
                 - MV secondary cubicles: SM6
                 - Digital protection relays (Sepam)
            • Supervision and monitoring
                 - HMI and PLC
                 - Irio and Kerwin remote monitoring systems
            • Security systems
                 - Access control and security solutions (CCTV):
                  TAC and PELCO ranges
                 - Data acquisition and processing system: Vijeo CITECT
            • Services
                 - Solution centres in France and Spain
                 - Design and implementation:
                 technical support, engineering, expertise,
                 project management, commissioning
                 - Install based services: installation supervision,
                 preventive/corrective maintenance, spare parts, training