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Electrical Energy
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            Electrical Energy solution: Small hydro power plant generation (< 30MW)




            Value proposition

            Main drivers

            • Renewable energy: less impact on environment than large hydro plant
            • Very flexible source of energy: used when needed
            • Available in some remote areas
            • Better use of the river potential
            • No heavy investment


            Value proposition

            • Enhance installation reliability and optimise power production

               - Reliability multiplied by 2 thanks to type tested architecture

               - Power production increased by 30%

               - Energy efficiency doubled

            • Reduce Operation and capital costs

               - Investment cost reduced by 20%

               - Non-productive time divided by 2 optimising power output

               - Maintenance cost 30% lower


            Differentiation factors

            • Cost efficient solution
            • Fast project development
            • Low maintenance



            Key downloads & links


            Solution breakdown

            Main products & systems: