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Electrical Energy
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            Electrical Energy solution: Solar photovoltaic for residential and small building applications




            Value proposition



            Main drivers

            • Global environment friendly trend worldwide
            • Solar residential Return On Investment between 5 to 8 years
            • Incentive from governments mainly in developed countries (Europe, USA, Japan):

               - Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) in the USA.
               - Renewable Energy plan in Europe: 20% of electricity must come from renewable energies in 2020.
               - Solar program in Japan since 1970


            Value proposition

            • Up to 100% energy bill reduction
            • 0.5kg / kWh of carbon emission savings
            • Quick and easy installation and operation

            Differentiation factors

            • Both energy efficiency and renewable energy offers
            • Leading position in both power conversion and electrical distribution offers
            • Grid-tie (electric utility), off grid and back up connections
            • Good knowledge and presence in the reseller channel
            Value proposition



            Solution breakdown

            SunEzy range: France, Italy, Belgium
            • SunEzy junction boxes: connection to up to 4 strings of photovoltaic modules
            • SunEzy photovoltaic inverters: DC to AC conversion
            • SunEzy protection enclosures: installation protection and safe maintenance
            • Surge arresters: installation protection against lightning strokes
            • SunEzy Control software: Monitoring and communication functions
            • SunEzy installation design and optimisation software

            Xantrex GT series: Germany, Spain
            • Wiring box, solar inverter, monitor, communication gateways, monitoring software

            Xantrex GT series: US
            • Wiring box, solar inverter, monitor, communication gateways, monitoring software

            Backup and Off Grid offer
            Xantrex XW and TR series
            • Xantrex XW: Off Grid and backup (Multisource management system)
            • Xantrex TR: Off Grid offer