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Electrical Energy
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            Electrical Energy solution: Wind farm plant




            Value proposition

            Main drivers

            • Energy independence for countries with no natural energy resource
            • Renewable Energy: less impact on environment
            • Global trend to clean energies (20% of electricity must come from renewable in Europe in 2020)


            Value proposition


            Operation and capital costs:

            • 20% shorter ROI time
            • Maximise power generated with smallest investments
            • 10% faster on-site intervention
            • 15% maintenance cost reduction
            • 15% lower cost per produced Kwh


            Quality of service and network reliability:

            • Reach 99% network reliability
            • Meet 100% of power quality standards
            • Reduce outage time by 20%


            Differentiation factors

            • High reliability
            • Adapted Solutions
            • Low maintenance



            Solution breakdown

            Main services:
            • Electrical network studies
            • Commissioning
            • Retrofit / retrofil
            • Maintenance contracts
            Main products & systems:
            • Circuit-Breakers from 630 to 3200A: Compact NS >630 A
            • Protection relays for custom applications: Sepam series 80
            • MV Compact switchboard (Ring Main Unit) up to 24 kV: RM6
            • 24 kV modular switchboard: SM6-24
            • MV Compact switchboard (Ring Main Unit): Cas-36
            • Capacitor banks: Capacitor banks Energy
            • Metal-enclosed Switchgear 24 kV: MCset 4
            • Metal-enclosed Switchboard up to 52 kV: CBGS 
            • MV/LV prefabricated substation: Biosco
            • Cast resin transformer up to 36 kV: Trihal
            • LV Switchboards up to 3200A: Prisma Plus
            • High visibility energy and power quality meters: ION7550

            Other Services:
            Engineering and contracting:
            • Project study, development and commissioning
            • E-analysis: remote monitoring, expert analysis, asset management
            • Network simulations: wind farm architecture, equipment settings, wind farm integration in power system

            Installed base services:
            • Retrofit, spare parts, maintenance
            • Audit, equipment diagnosis and Upgrade