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Electrical Energy
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              Success Story: Electrical Energy

              Hidroelectrica (Romania)

              Romanian Leader on the Energy Market Chooses Schneider Electric for its First Fully Automated Hydroelectric Plant

              Success Story: Electrical Energy



              Customer profile:

              • Hidroelectrica is a state-owned company based in Bucharest (Romania) operating activities in power generation. Installed power increase in hydroelectric plants was one of the governmental actions in relation to the adhesion of Romania to the EU.
              • For its medium hydroelectric plant (30MW) in Rucar, Hidroelectrica has an ambitious development plan that includes modernizing the existing facilities, completing the investments already started and launching new investment.
              • For this project Schneider Electric cooperated with two local system integrator partners:
                - AEIC Craiova specialized in hydropower plant monitoring and control systems (partner since 2000), and
                - RECONT Timisoara specialized in the automation of the hydro generator, a member of the SI Alliance since 2003.

              Customer objective and constraints:

              • To respond to power demand increase, Romanian government plans to increase power generated by hydroelectric plants. Rucar project objective is also to follow the worldwide trend, where hydroelectric plants are totally automated and remotely supervised, with few employees on site.
              • There were 3 major constraints during the carrying out of this project:
                - The old equipment had to be taken into the process: The first construction stopped in 1990 and it was decided in 2003 to finish the hydroelectric plant, with the existing facilities.
                - As a consequence of the previous point, there were third party products with different interfaces.
                - The geographical environment: Rucar plant is situated in the middle of a mountain at two different levels, more than 100 meters far from each other.



              Implementation methodology (main phases):

              Differentiating steps from other projects can be notified, such as

              •  Meetings with the customer and national designer ISPH to present Schneider Electric capabilities to provide a complete solution for the whole project, including the local/remote control and supervision of the hydro generator.
              •  Technical presentation with the technical staff, especially about Quantum PLCs as they were the only solution responding to customer requirements.
              •  Training for system integrator and designer teams on Quantum and Monitor Pro

              Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):


              For this first hydroelectric plant on Romanian river Dambovita, Schneider Electric proposed a complete electrical and automation package integrating engineering, provision of equipments, commissioning and training.


              Schneider Electric Romania delivered both electrical distribution and automation equipment:

              •  Power (LV switchboards, MCset cubicles and Trihal transformers, VATech 110 kV equipments)
              •  Basic Automation (Modicon Quantum and Magelis PLC with around 1,200 distributed I/O)
              •  Networks and Remote Supervision
              •  SCADA and Monitor Pro on a GSM network, providing local and remote control-command functions
                           - Start / Shutdown of the hydroelectric plant
                           - Power and Flow control


              The hydro-aggregate and its installations are placed underground (at 120 m depth) and the command-control equipment is installed on the surface in the technical office and command room.


              In order to successfully finalize this complex project, Schneider Electric Romania cooperated with different partners:

              •  Energomontaj – Electrical Contractor,
              •  Union Electric – Panel Builder
              •  2 System Integrators: Recont Timisoara and AEIC Craiova for the automation and supervision system.


              The whole architecture is based on a double fiber optic network, with two HSBY Modicon Quantum PLCs at each level:

              Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):



              Customer benefits:

              •  As this project has an important part in high and medium voltage equipments, Hidroelectrica could rely on Schneider Electric, a well-known player recognized in this field for its competencies.
              •  Schneider Electric commits on technical and commercial warranty, ensuring project success.
              •  This fully automated solution allows our customer to produce cheap, clean and environmental friendly electricity.

              Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

              •  Schneider Electric with the help of the two System Integrators proposed a solution implemented at a local level with locally reputed partners.
              •  The excellent collaboration between Schneider Electric and its partners (e.g. the two system integrators) allowed this team to behave as a unique interlocutor with the customer.
              •  Schneider Electric proposed an offer in accordance with customers' expectations in terms of reliability and budget .
              Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

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              Solution breakdown

              •  Electrical distribution: LV switchboards, MCset cubicles and Trihal transformers
              •  Process control: Modicon Quantum PLC with distributed I/O
              •  Modbus+ and Ethernet networks