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Electrical Energy
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              Success Story: Electrical Energy

              North Delhi Power Limited (NDPL) (India)

              Success Story: Electrical Energy Reduced installation time by 80%, OPEX on telecommunication by 90%, and maintenance costs




              Customer profile:

              • NDPL is a joint venture created in 2002 by Tata Power and the Government of NCT of Delhi as part of a privatization process. 
              • They are recognized as a reference, a technical and an opinion leader in India. 
              • NDPL serves over 1,000,000 customers with a daily supply of an average 17 BWh.    

              Customer objective and constraints:

              NDPL needs:
              • Help to localise faults and remotely operate switches in order to reduce outage duration
              • Fast to install and easy to access and maintain the Field RTUs.


              • The solution has to be adapted to the "existent" networks and with non Schneider Electric Equipment.
              • Lack of skilled field staff to maintain Remote Terminal Units (RTU).
              • Security of communication network.    



              Implementation methodology (main phases):

              • Site survey and fact collection (Which RMU, configuration, Mounting arrangement, Cable length etc.).
              • Prototype development with customized cabinets.
              • Installation, configuration and final integration tests with SCADA.    


              • 18 months

              Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

              Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):



              Customer benefits:

              • Short delivery time
              • A full complete offer including supply, installation, testing and commissioning.
              • Adaptability of our products to non Schneider Electric MV equipment.
              • Ability to capture latent problems with existing solutions and added value.
              • Excellent relationship.
              • Sensitive to customer needs.
              • Good homework and trials to overcome experience issues.
              • Emphasize on total cost of ownership and ease of use.
              • After sales support and hand-holding    

              Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

              • Instalaltion : four hours of downtime (at RMUs including motor installation) against 2 days for Siemens.
              • ABB could not demonstrate effective communication on GPRS and insisted on CDMA with very high OPEX (20 times).
              • Safety & Security:
                      Proven & reliable solution with high degree of safety (Limited skilled staff) and data security.
              • Reduce outage & improve consumer satisfaction:
                      Introduce redundancies and reduce the down time during faults.
                      Create infrastructure to implement Automated Outage Management System.
              • Low operational cost:
                      Low operational cost in terms of Communication rentals, Maintenance & Troubleshooting.
                      Least or no reflection on tariff (Regulator pressure on ARR).
              • Less time to install:
                      Low down time during implementation
                      Faster implementation on entire live network to capitalize faster on investment (Regulator pressure)    

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              Solution breakdown

              Main services
              • Tests 
              • Design
              • Installation 
              • Commissioning   
              Mains products & systems
              • Easergy T200I RTUs