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Electrical Energy
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            Electrical Energy solution: Biosco MV/LV prefabricated substations




            Value proposition

            Main drivers

            • Growth of MV electrical distribution network in new economies.
            • Increase of network quality based on underground network and prefabricated substations.


            Value proposition
            • For the End-user (Utilities), compared to traditional civil works substations, prefabricated substations offer:

               - Much better safety for the public and operators: Compliance with the IEC standards.
               - 20% cost savings: Factory assembled and tested.
               - 30% time savings: plug and play solution delivered ready to be connected.

            • For the partners, they offer:

               - Market differenciation: Compliance with IEC standards, Schneider Electric brand image.
               - 30% cost savings: No engineering costs, already carried out by Schneider Electric.
               - 2 times faster time to market: immediate availability of Biosco.

            Differenciation factors

            • Business model through partners.
            • Adaptation to meet local needs: local transformer, climatic conditions, landscape integration, etc.




            *Specified architecture for Biosco W & H

            Main characteristics

            Main characteristics


            • Biosco W: Substation with corridor
              Operation protected from bad weather conditions
            • Biosco N: Substation with external operation
              Ground space savings
            • Biosco H: Half-buried substation
              Visual impact limited
            • Biosco U: Underground substation
              Blends completely into the environment

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            Solution breakdown

            • Architecture & preferred implementation
              Biosco W:
              Walk-in type substations.
              Biosco N: No walk-in type substations. 
              Biosco H: Half-buried substations (limited visual impact).
              Biosco U: Underground substations (no visual impact).

            • Main products & systems
              Enclosure: Metal or concrete.

               LV: Prisma, Opus, TUR.
               MV cubicles: moduiar (SM6), compact (RM6, Ringmaster, CAS-36).
               MV/LV transformers: Oil transformers from Schneider Electric (Minera) or local manufacturers.
               Telecontrol: Fault detection (Flair) and Remote control (Easergy T200).
               LV capacitor banks
            • Main supports
              Licence contract with our Panelbuilder customers.

               Dedicated support team for licence contracts.