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Electrical Energy
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            Electrical Energy solution: Distribution automation based on L500 network management




            Value proposition

            Main drivers
            • Effects of power outages: energy availability
            • Need of high quality energy
            • Energy cost effectiveness

            Value proposition 
            • Quality of service and network reliability multiplied by 2:
              - 50%
              shorter outage times

              - Areas affected by the faults divided by 2.
              - Monitored & improved power quality
            • Operation and capital costs reduced by 30% thanks to
              - non distributed energy cost reduction
              - operating cost reduction during major fault on the network
              - maintenance cost reduction
            • Easier implementation than usual Scada project
              - development time 50% shorter thanks to preconfigured architectures
              - resource needs 40% lower and easier project management
              - scalability 10 times faster than traditional Scada

            Differentiation factors
            - Cost efficient solution
            - Fast project development
            - Low maintenance



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            Success Stories

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            Solution breakdown

            • Main services
              - Commissioning through local or central team
              - Consulting analysis for distribution automation
              - Training
            • Architecture & preferred implementation
              Pre-configured mini Scada architecture based on Easergy product range for monitoring and control of MV networks
              - MV/LV substations equipped with T200I or Flair 200C
              - Overhead LBS equipped with T200P
              - Overhead line equipped with Flite 116 / G200
            • Main products & systems
              Easergy product range for monitoring and control of MV networks:
              - Easergy T200I
              - Flair underground fault detector
              - Flite overhead fault detector
              Software and HMI:
              - Easergy L500 configuration software and HMI
              Multi support communication:
              - Radio, phone, GSM, GPRS,
              - Fibre Optics, Leased Line, Ethernet network, Power Line Communication