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Electrical Energy
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            Electrical Energy solution: Seefox SCADA DMS for electrical public network




            Value proposition

            Main drivers 
            Trend to increase network continuity of service and lower operation costs in Utilities requires:
            • Availability of extended network information
            • Possibility to plan future work on the network.
            • Ability to perform several tasks simultaneously and to monitor and control the team operating the network.
            • Analysis tools to optimise safe and secure networks for efficient energy distribution  
            • Assistance to carry out safe and guaranteed complex switching operations.

            Value proposition
            • Enhanced service and network reliability
              - Reduces outage times
              - Areas affected by the faults reduced.
              - Monitored & improved power quality
            • Lower operation costs thanks to:
              - Fast and reliable network operation in emergency situation when actions must be taken very quickly.
              - Maintenance cost reduction.
              - Simple and user-friendly system especially designed for electricians and facility managers.
            • Easier implementation than complex SCADA:
              - Open and scalable Scada system.
              - Single system to manage the complete electrical installation from HV to LV.
              - Fast commissioning thanks to preconfigured architectures.

            Differentiation factors
            • Flexible and scalable architecture.
            • Incorporation of SCADA technologies that are type tested and in operation throughout the world.
            • Use of integrated distribution management functions, controlled manually and remotely.
            • Management of switching, document and diagram maintenance security and network data.
            • Open to other environments allowing Electric Utility to integrate existing software and systems.




            Seefox systems incorporate:
            • Usual SCADA control and monitoring functions:
                 - management of alarms,
                 - management of events lists and logging,
                 - archiving and sampling of information,
                 - monitoring and maintenance support for equipment.
            • High level functions of a DAS (Distribution Automated System):
                 - dynamic network colouring,
                 - preferred network diagram and coverage,
                 - detection of the section under fault and automatic re-supply functions.
            • Advanced functions for DMS (Distribution Management System):
                 - design mode function, simulation,
                 - management of sensitive customers,
                 - management of supply breaks (managing customer contracts, forecasting supply breaks, incidents, metering, ...),
                 - quality indicators,
                 - electrical calculations (load management, optimising losses, ...).

            Main characteristics


              Solution breakdown

              Main services:
              • Electrical network studies
              • Commissioning
              • Installation
              • Tests
              • Training for End Users / Specifiers
              Main products & systems:
              • Telecontrol interface for MV substation: Easergy T200I
              • Fault indicator for underground network: Easergy Flair
              • Fault indicator for overhead network: Easergy Flite
              • Telecontrol interface for Polemounted load-break switch: Easergy T200P
              • MV/LV prefabricated substation: Biosco
              • Seefox M8000 Range
              • Seefox T2000 Range