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Electrical Energy
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            Electrical Energy solution: Power quality monitoring and analysis




            Value proposition

            Main drivers

            • Effects of power quality problems: blackouts, damage to equipment
            • Track and improve system reliability

            Value proposition
            • Save power quality analysis time
            • Quickly identify the cause of power quality events
            • Demonstrate quality improvement over time: proof of ROI for Capex
            • Increase revenue: guarantee power quality to customers
            • Show compliance with power quality standards

            Differentiation factors
            • Complete solution including power quality monitoring hardware and enterprise software platform
            • PowerLogic ION brand image



            Key downloads & links


            Solution breakdown

            • Main services
              _ Commissioning
              _ Customised report HMI
              _ Consulting analysis for ION EEM
              _ Training
            • Architecture & preferred implementation
              _ Power quality monitoring and analysis solution
            • Main products & systems
              PowerLogic Quality Monitoring Hardware:
              _ Power Quality and Energy Metering Powerlogic ION 8000 / 7000 series
              _ Power Meter (PM800 with waveform)
              _ Circuit monitor CM4000 range
              PowerLogic Software:
              _ PowerLogic ION Enterprise power management software
              _ PowerLogic System Manager power management software (SMS)