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Electrical Energy
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              Success Story: Electrical Energy

              Solairedirect (France)

              The Vinon Sur Verdon Photovoltaic Power Plant

              Success Story: Electrical Energy



              Customer profile:

              Solairedirect, already present within the residential photovoltaic market, has now decided to invest in solar array projects with production capacities of several megawatts.

              Located in Vinon sur Verdon in the Var département, France, this initial 4.2 MW array consists of 19,000 220 peak-watt panels installed over 9 hectares.


              Customer objective and constraints:

              The Vinon array will produce enough electricity to supply 2,000 homes, i.e. nearly 4,600 inhabitants. An array of this type can save 2,900 tons of CO2 from being produced per year.

               In order to ensure quick turnaround on its investment, Solairedirect  aims to install this array as quickly as possible together with reliable, competitive players, while offering them attractive technical solutions and proposing an operating and maintenance contract that is compatible with their business plan.




              Implementation methodology (main phases):

              - Turnkey contract for the complete electrical system and the power grid connection

              - Security system

              - 20-year operating and maintenance contract


              Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

              Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

              A turnkey contract for the supply of a complete system involving the conversion and distribution of photovoltaic electricity, including:

               - Studies, supply and installation of the electrical system between the solar modules and the EDF power grid including Xantrex inverters

              - Overall project control and coordination of partners and sub-contractors

              - On-site commissioning

              - Securing of the site

              - 20-year operating and maintenance contract. The contract includes preventive and corrective maintenance operations with a commitment to operational availability of the solar array equipment.


              How did we estimate the energy savings (methodology, tools, ...)

              The Vinon solar array was designed to achieve the highest level of performance from the installation, producing the greatest amount of electricity possible (in terms of KWh).

              Special care was given to the DC wiring, the inverters selected provide the greatest efficiency on the market, and the transformers are low-loss type.

              Finally, the monitoring and control system is capable of detecting even minor incidents.




              Customer benefits:

              - A single contact for the turnkey electrical operations

              - Minimum downtime in the event of a fault, owing to the monitoring system that allows production to be controlled remotely

              - A return on the investment owing to the competitiveness of the Schneider Electric offer

              - Production secured over the next 20 years with the guarantee, and the operating and maintenance contract established with Schneider Electric.


              Solution breakdown

              Main services:
              • Electrical network studies
              • Commissioning
              • Installation
              • Exchange / repair
              • Maintenance contracts
              • Power Monitoring and Control systems & services

              Electrical network:
              - 4 transformation stations of 1 MVA each (1 MVA transformer, 2 Xantrex GT500 inverters, medium voltage cubicle)
              - 1 EDF grid connection station
              - Medium voltage AC and low voltage DC cables (primary and secondary)
              - 32 array boxes
              - Installation and commissioning of the entire electrical system  
               Monitoring system:
              - A current measurement on each input of the array boxes
              - A voltage measurement in each array box
              - A data logger in each transformer station
              - A global data logger in the grid connection station
              - Local and remote monitoring station 
              The security system for the turnkey site:
              - A peripheral intrusion detection system installed on the site's fence
              - A set of cameras to ensure remote verification via video surveillance
              - A monitoring station with video recorder and alarm transmission equipment
              - Site remote monitoring and intervention services