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Knutsen OAS Shipping AS (China)

Integrated total solution from MV to LV Switchboards including customised MV Motor Starters with seamless connection

Success Story: Marine Footprint reduction by 30% on motor starter function. 24/7worlwide service support.




Customer profile:

Knutsen OAS Shipping has 80 years' extensive experience as a tanker operator.
This Norwegian company operates one of the most sophisticated modern fleets of  purpose-built shuttle tankers, chemical carriers and product tankers worldwide for  a total of  39 ships. In addition, they ordered 11 vessels currently under construction.

Customer objective and constraints:

The world's main oil and petrochemical companies are demanding high-tech and reliable solutions . Knutsen OAS Shipping strictly meets these requirements  from design to ship operation.
For this pair of 105K shuttle tankers, Knutsen OAS Shipping requires:

  • Safety of People as the 1st priority for the solution,
  • All MV & LV equipment to comply with DNV approval and DPII requirement,
  • Compactness and easy maintenance for 6600V Switchgear and customized MV Motor Starter,
  • Strong technical support and After-Sales Service Worldwide.



Implementation methodology (main phases):

- October 2007: Knutsen OAS Shipping and COSCO Shipyard Group signed the 2 vessels contract.
- May 2008: Schneider Electric presented to Knutsen and COSCO the total solution proposal for the MV & LV Electrical Distribution System.
- December 2008: After several technical discussions, Schneider Electric China finally signed the technical agreement for the MV system in September 2008 and for the LV system.
- March 2009: Schneider Electric China won the strategic solution project with COSCO Shipyard Group.
The shipowner Knutsen OAS Shipping selected Schneider Electric as the supplier for the Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Electrical Distribution System for the 2 x 105,000 DWT Shuttle Tanker, built in Nantong Cosco shipyard.

September 2009: The equipment for the first shipment will be delivered in September 2009, while the equipment for the second shipment will be delivered in February 2010.

The ship will be finally delivered to Knutsen OAS Shipping for operation in December  2010 and June 2011.
Schneider Electric will provide WorldWide Service for the 2 ships



3 Years from 2008 to 2010

Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

- Total solution from MV to LV Electrical Distribution and Motor Starter, which is focused on people safety and operation reliability,
- 9 MCSets + 12 Motorpacts under 6600V and 27 MB301M + 15 Power Distribution boards under 440V/220V per ship.



Customer benefits:

- Single entry point at the solution supplier
- Easy Maintenance and Worldwide Service Support for the whole Electrical Distribution System

Schneider Electric differentiating values VS competitors:

- Type Tested Approval (TTA) MCSet, MotorPact and MB301M equipment to ensure maximum people safety and operation reliability,
- Integrated and unique MV Motor Starter Offer,
- On time response and modification proposal to meet and exceed customers' requirements and expectations.
- Compact and Integrated MV Motor Starter consisting of 4 units of single speed Bow Thrusters and 3 units of double speed Oil Pumps under 6600V,
- Easy Maintenance and worldwide Service Support for the whole Electric Distribution System.

Solution breakdown

Main services:
  • Engineering services: Services
Main products & systems:
  • Motor Control Centre up to 7.2 kV: Motorpact