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Marine solution: AMS Solution


Value proposition

Main drivers

  • The "IMO" International Maritime Organisation challenge: "SAFE, SECURE AND EFFICIENT SHIPPING ON CLEANER OCEANS"


Value proposition

Global operational efficiency by lower operational costs:

  • reduction of crew by automation
  • global monitoring
  • energy and fuel efficiency by better control of applications through main engines, generators, main switchboards, ... alarm and monitoring


Differentiation factors

  • Direct and clear vision of on board status from well designed human machine interface and graphical display
  • 100% peace of mind with products and solutions meeting safety standards of worldwide classification societies
  • 24/7 worldwide service and  easy maintenance through self diagnosis functions



Main characteristics

Main functions:

  • Data printing (device status, alarms, operation)
  • Alarm, operation & device status history
  • Alarm indication

...of main engines, generators, main switchboards, etc.