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Marine solution: Compact MV & LV Solution for ships as large Shuttle Tankers


Value proposition

Main drivers

  • Ship electrical consumers increase leads to medium voltage electrical system on board while keeping compact solution
  • People safety and high operational quality level are  the first  priorities for the main oil and petrochemical companies
  • Single customer interface for the electrical distribution system on board

Solution in brief

  • A complete package of Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Electrical Distribution for ships as large Shuttle Tankers to address compacity and customised customer requirements.

Value propositions

  • Expertise in Meduim Voltage engineering for ship designers
  • Integrated total solution from MV Switchgear to LV Switchboard with seamless connection
  • Footprint reduction by 30% on motor starter function ( e.g. for motorpact cells with DOL + 4 cascade soft starter)
  • 24/7 worldwide service support

Differentiation factors

  • Type Tested Assembly (TTA) equipment: MCSet, MotorPact and MB301M to ensure maximum people safety and operation reliability
  • Consistent offer from MV to LV electrical distribution



Main characteristics

Safe and highly operational electrical distribution to feed consumers as units of single speed Bow Thrusters and units of double speed Oil Pumps under 6.6kV with equipment such as:

  • Safe and high performance 6.6kV MCSet cubicles
  • 6.6kV Motorpact cells integrating MV Motor starters and reducing footprint
  • Marine dedicated 440V MB301M distribution switchboards
  • 440V/220V Power Distribution board
  • High Reliability transformers

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Solution breakdown

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