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Marine solution: Global Marine Service Programme


Value proposition

Solution in brief

The objective of the Global Marine Service Programme is to:

  • provide Ship Owners with the solutions to their daily service requirements, improve operation efficiency of their fleets                                                                          
  • perform support on all electrical and automation embedded processes on Ships, including navigation, communication & electrical motor maintenance, irrespective of supplier brands


Value proposition

For Ship Owners & Ship Operators as key market players: 

  • reduce the cost of immobilisation required for "on board" intervention  by more than 50%                                     
  • decrease the number of Electrical Distribution & Automation service suppliers from several hundreds to a single one                                               
  • take control of a potential 10% of the calls that a Ship Owner/Operator gets daily for its fleet in operation  



Main characteristics

The Global Marine Service Programme:

  • offers a 24/7 "On Line" technical service support to Ship Owners' Vessels, wherever they are, 
  • organises, anticipates "On Board" interventions at Sea Ports on main shipping routes,
  • takes service case histories into account to conduct preventive maintenance campaigns and improve ship availability

Solution breakdown

Main services:
  • Engineering services: Services