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Marine solution: High security solution addressing LV power increase on board


Value proposition

Main drivers

  • Operational costs by remaining in Low Voltage distribution in accordance with regulations,
  • High level of safety by reducing the risk of black out, fire and switchboard destruction,
  • Compactness by avoiding HV LV transformer installation and reducing safety distance.


Solution in brief

  • As installed  power on board of ships and offshore plateforms increases permanently, electrical distribution  have to shift from LV design to HV design. The  "Masterpact UR" Ultra rapid  bus tie circuit breaker allows much higher installed power  with a low  voltage design by strongly limiting the very high short circuit current and related fault energy.

    Value proposition

    • A unique solution to meet switchboard performances (thermal and electro-dynamic withstand),
    • A mimimum maintenance as designed from Masterpact NW,
    • A short circuit peak current reduced by 30% to 40% ,
    • Customized short circuit calculation guaranteed by computer software according to standards,
    • Investment cost saving by optimizing circuit breakers selection.

    Differenciation factors

    • A unique advanced pattented technical solution allowing fast reclosing after breaker trip,
    • A reliable and simple opening technology in 1ms ,
    • guaranteed complete solution in terms of  Schneider Electric circuit-breaker coordination. 




Main characteristics

For a multi genset supply AC/50-60 Hz ≤ 690 V network of high peak current up to 350 kA :

  • detect fault within 0,3 ms
  • start limiting  current before 1 ms
  • clear fault in less than 8 ms


as a result the peak is reduced by 40%

achieved by 5000A or 6000A Masterpact UR  circuit  breaker


Solution breakdown

Main services:
  • Engineering services: Services
  • Electrical network studies
  • Commissioning
  • Repair under warranty
  • Maintenance contracts
  • On line support contract
  • Programming & configuration
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