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Marine solution: SUBSEA: offering in extreme conditions a medium voltage electrical distribution solution


Value proposition

Main drivers

  • Due to scarcity of oil, new technologies are deployed in deep water to lead to an EFFICIENT, GREEN and SAFE operation:

     - Subsea electrical distribution closer to the  layer for better Efficiency

     - Oil layer life improvement

     - Independence from climatic constraints

     - Easy re use and more compact infrastructure with Consumption fully dedicated to operation

     - Reduction of staff living in harsh conditions

     - c able savings


Value proposition

  • A customised and global offer for lower operational and long term investment costs:
    - Capability to engineer, design and manufacture MV ED: energy saving solution contributing to oil layer life extension and capacity operation increase by 25%
  • A highly reliable solution providing more than 5 years operation without maintenance and local human intervention


Differentiation factors

  • Capabilities to propose a global offer from a manufacturer for a highly customised MV ED solution: 36kV ED without cells and including busbars, CBs and redundant SEPAM protection units
  • Levering from Navy installation constraints to integrate the MV ED in a restricted volume with severe EMC, thermal, mechanical & reliability constraints
  • Schneider Electric awareness especially in Military submarine ED execution (component selection, high constraint level, etc)
  • Schneider Electric reliability and safety study capabilities



Main characteristics

Subsea MV ED Characteristics

  • Electrical Functions:

    - Pump and compressor supply through

        - A 36kV 1250A 50Hz busbar

        - One input CB, two ouput CBs

        - Redundant Protection units

  • Mechanical Features

   - EMC, Thermal and Volume environmental constraints

  • Reliability Performance

   - More than 5 years exploitation without maintenance and local human intervention


Solution breakdown

  • Power type solution