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Marine solution: The Power Management Systems


Value proposition

Main drivers

  • The "IMO" International Maritime Organisation targets: "SAFE, SECURE AND EFFICIENT SHIPPING ON CLEANER OCEANS"


Solution in brief

  • For Safe, Secure and Efficient Energy, the Power Management Systems on board process OR the Power Management System on board processes control of generators, shore connection and synchronising according to load conditions and optimisation.


Value proposition

  • Global Operational Efficiency by Lower operational costs:

      - reduction of crew by automation,

      - global monitoring

      - Energy and Fuel Efficiency by Better control of applications through

        automated management systems => 20% energy saving with PMS on board


Differentiation factors

  • Reliable solution from  well proven Marine PMS units for better service continuity
  • Dedicated to most Merchant Marine applications and cost-effective
  • Connectivity and data concentrator option for Ship Management System
  • Additional automation possibilities ( redundant or not ) by  PLC(s)
  • Controllable from various Human Machine Interfaces
  • Protection  management (SEPAM, MICROLOGIC),
  • Redundancy of PMS
  • World wide service 24/7



Typical architecture


Main characteristics

Energy Management Functions


  • Efficient:

    - Mode management

    - Load dependent start / stop

    - Shore management

    - Bus tie management

    - Active and reactive load sharing

    - Shaft generator management

    - EDG management


  • Safe:

    - Safe mode to avoid black out

    - Imminent shutdown

    - Black out management

    - EDG management


  • Secure

    - Active and reactive load sharing

    - Load shedding

    - Coupling / Uncoupling

    - Frequency and voltage regulation