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STX France Cruise SA (France)

Schneider Electric MV Electrical distribution in Cruise ships

Success Story: Marine Installation optimised by 30%
Installation optimised by 30%




Customer profile:

STX Europe is one of the world's largest builders of cruise ships and has either built - or has in the order booked - the 15 largest cruise ships in the world. STX Europe is also one of Europe's top three ferry builders.


Customer objective and constraints:

The main objective of the shipyard for the construction of a Cruise ship is to guarantee a ship that is completely safe for the passenger.

This means that STX expects his subcontractor to propose a reliable solution (equipment).

A loop configuration allows the customer to manage his electrical network and thus avoid energy losses.


The shipyard's main constraint due to the ship construction method and deadline is to choose a supplier who will comply with the manufacturing deadline.




Implementation methodology (main phases):

Schneider Electric was identified by STX as a good partner with:

Electrical Distribution Network Reliability Solution:
           1. Understand and identify risks
           2. Optimised architecture, compare solutions, highlight weak points
           3. Design redundancies and back-up configurations



1 year


Solution overview (services, products, systems, architectures...):

The following equipment was chosen:

     - Main Switchboard with McSet: 11kV - 60Hz - busbar: 2500A - Isc = 50kA

     - Loop equipment with RM6: 11kV - 60Hz - busbar: 630A - Isc = 16kA

     - Reactor to limit the Isc level from 50kA to 16kA from BCV

     - Local Control panel design by Schneider Electric Marine Activity


The main switchboard consisted of 2 x 17 cubicles (AD2) + one control panel delivered in one block. That means that Schneider Electric delivered a complete switchboard 13m long and weighing 22 tonnes installed all at the same time onboard the ship.




Customer benefits:

- Schneider Electric offer (Product and equipment) lets you install a loop MV distribution thanks to the Ring Main unit and optimise the installation by 30% (cables, transformers, LV distribution).

- This solution also guarantees the reliability (continuity of service) of the MV distribution network.

- A configurable electrical network

- Type approved equipment (DNV certification)


Solution breakdown

Main products & systems:
  • MV Compact switchboard (Ring Main Unit) up to 24 kV: RM6
  • Metal-enclosed Switchgear from 7.2 to 17.5 kV: MCset 1,2,3