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How we install the EGX300 ethernet gateway ?

Mount the unit.
❏ Determine the control power method and connect the power.
❏ Configure the Ethernet communications settings with a web browser (using an Ethernet crossover cable) or with HyperTerminal (using a null modem cable, which is included in the TCSEAK0100 configuration kit [sold separately]).
❏ Configure the serial ports.
❏ Wire the serial ports.

❏ Configure the device list.
1. 24 Vdc control power connection
2. 10/100BaseTx (802.3af) connection
3. LEDs: Ethernet: • LK: Active link • TX: Transmitting data • RX: Receiving data • 100: Link speed. 100 Mb = ON, 10 Mb = OFF Serial: • RS485: RS485 mode = ON, RS232 mode = OFF • TX: Transmitting data • RX: Receiving data Power/Status
4. DIN rail release
5. Reset button (press to reboot the EGX; no data is lost)
6. RS485 connection
7. Dip switches 8. RS232 connection
I have attached the installation manual for EGX300, the User guide for EGX300 and the instructions bulletin for Enercept meter. Let me know if you have any questions.
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