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What's meaning Degrees of protection provided by enclosures IK CODE?

The European standard EN 50102 dated March 1995 defines a coding system
(IK code) for indicating the degree of protection provided by electrical equipment
enclosures against external mechanical impact.
Standard NF C 15-100 (May 1991 edition), section 512, table 51 A, provides a
cross-reference between the various degrees of protection and the environmental
conditions classification, relating to the selection of equipment according to external
Practical guide UTE C 15-103 shows, in the form of tables, the characteristics
required for electrical equipment (including minimum degrees of protection),
according to the locations in which they are installed.

The IK code comprises 2 characteristic numerals (e.g. IK 05).
2 characteristic numerals:
corresponding to a value of impact energy.
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