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Setting ATV310 drive running immediately after switch on the power supply?

Setting step by step
Instruction of parameter setting as requirement
-For the parameter configuration;
 1) Press mode button 3 sec then 3 LED on left side would up/down and flashing => operation mode
 2) Press ESC button 3 sec then the 3 LED on left side would flashing togeture => Setting mode
 3) Press ENT 1 time and find 200- menus then ENT 1 time 
 4) Find 202 (2-wire type control) and set to 00 (level) then press ENT 1 time. after that ESC 1 time 
 5) Find 400-menus (control menu) then ENT 1Time.
 6) Find 406 (channel configuration) and set to 02 (separate mode) then ENT 1 time.
 7) Find 407 (command channel 1) and set to 01 (terminal) then ENT 1 time.
 8) Put all motor parameter into 300- menus (Motor control menu) of the drive and perform a auto-tuning
 9) Press ESC till found --00 (ready) and Press ECS 3 sec then 3 LED on left side would up/down and flash => Back to operation mode
-For a schematic : customer have to wiring between LI1 and 24 Vdc.
Now lt's allow to operate as you requirement, you can switch on and then the drive will running immediately. the speed will be depend on you adjust by jog dial.
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