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How to reach to LOC parameter and set up on ATS48

LOC is Current overload threshold

Function active only in steady state
If the motor current exceeds an adjustable threshold LOC for a period of time longer than an
adjustable value tOL:
- ALA: an alarm is activated (internal bit and configurable logic output)
- dEF: the starter is locked and the OLC fault is displayed
- OFF: no protection

How to reach to LOC
Go to Pro > enter
Go to OIL > enter > dEF > enter
Then press ESC to go out to OIL and press v (down) ; the parameter LOC will be appeared.
Continuous press v (down) ; the parameter TOC will be appeared.

Set LOC to the % of motor current you want to use as your threshold.

Normally the LOC should be 100% or above. For example, if your motor In=100A, the actual over current condition should be above 100Amps. Hence if you set LOC = 110%, TOL = 10 sec, the over current time(TOL) will start when the motor current reaches 110Amps and it will trip in 10sec if the motor current is maintained between 110Amps to 100Amps(10% hysteresis). But if the current drops below 100Amps in 5 sec, it will not trip and the time will reset.

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