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How to launch the Automatic Initialization (AI) for VL12N? and primary setup varlogic controller

Simple Commissioning of VarPlus Logic controller
Go to SETUP 100:
1. Setup voltage (Un), CT ratio (Ct), cos phi (CP1).
2. If the controller display is showing PFC OFF (pre-configured with Step size recognition off), set the PFC parameter to ON, before launching Ai.
3. Launch automatic initialization (Ai) by pressing “Ai” from “OFF” to “ON.”
The Ai automatically detects the capacitor steps connected and checks if the phase connection
(angle between voltage and CT position) is correct. The Ai sequence switches the steps on and off several times. It will take several minutes to complete this process, and later the relay will stabilize.)

To launch Ai, go to SETUP submenu 100, Select Ai, parameter and
push ►. Modify the value from No to Yes with ▲, and ▼ during all
the sequence, the display will show Ai on the main screen.
Note: After Ai is completed, go to SETUP submenu 100, Out
parameter, and check consistency between step configured in Auto
and compare it to the capacitor bank configuration
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