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How to set up VarPlus Logic VL series (Quick start )

SETUP Menu (Quick start)

The controller will start regulation if the nominal voltage set in the
controller matches the voltage of the system. If your system is not 400 V,
you must set the nominal voltage. The factory setting 400 V and all other
settings are for optimal adaptation to the conditions of the system and to
display system data appropriately.
To change a setting, press the ► key.
   • Change the values with ▲,▼ and confirm with ►.
   • When you start the auto-initialization, the controller checks the
     connection of the measurement and outputs.
   • With the data settings in the 100 menu, the initialization starts

For the function information and description, please follow the URL link for VarPlus Logic VL series User manual and go to page 16 and 19

VarPlus Logic VL series User manual

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