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Resetting the Fault indication checking and changing the battery micrologic A , E & P

The procedure for closing the circuit breaker following a fault trip is presented in the circuit breaker user manual.
Resetting the fault indications
Determine why the circuit breaker tripped. The fault indication is maintained until it is reset on the control unit. Press the fault-trip reset button.

Checking the battery
Press the battery-test button (same as the fault-trip reset button) to display the battery status.
If no information is displayed: either no battery is installed in the control unit; or an auxiliary power supply is required. See "Micrologic digital display" in the technical appendix

Changing the battery

1. Remove the battery cover.
2. Remove the battery.
3. Insert a new battery. Make sure the + and -poles match the indications.
4. Put the cover back in place. Press the batterytest button to check the new battery.

Testing the ground-fault and earth-leakage functions

1. Charge and close the circuit breaker.
2. Using a screwdriver, press the test button for ground-fault and earth-leakage protection. The circuit breaker should open.

If the circuit breaker does not open, contact the Schneider Electric after-salessupport department
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