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How to wiring and configuration ATV71 with selector switch for adjust 2 speed.

For ATV71, you can use selector switch to adjust the speed 10Hz and 26Hz. 

Wiring the selector switch
You can wiring the cable according to diagram below
 +24V >> selector switch >> LI3 and LI4

Please find the example wiring below

PS. you can select to connect input from LI3 - LI6 except LI1 and LI2 because they use for start function

Basic >> Ent>> Drive MENU >> Ent>> 1.7 Application Funct.(FUn-) >> Ent>> Preset Speed(PSS-) >> Ent>> PS2 >> Ent>> LI3 >> Ent>> 10HZ >> ESC>>
PS3 >> Ent>> LI4 >> Ent>> 26HZ
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