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The symbol of front panel of an AP7752

From left to right: Source A/B LEDs.  These will provide info about the input voltage from each source.  If each source is working properly and there is full redundancy, both LEDs will be lit.

Connector Arrows & LEDs: Indicates which source is being used for the output (only one will be lit at any time).

Output LED: Shows that the voltage is available at the output for the ATS.

Preference Key/LEDs: Used to select which input source is “preferred”.  In normal operation, the preferred source is always used.  The LED for the preferred source will be lit.  Hold this key for ten seconds to restart the ATS.

Reset: Used to restart ATS network and serial comm.

Digital Display: Shows aggregate current for phase/bank, cycles through banks/phases in 3-second intervals.

Control Key: Press to change the bank/phase of the current displayed on the digital display.  Hold for 5 seconds to show the IP address.

Serial Port: Used for directly accessing the ATS.

Ethernet port: Used for connecting to the network.

Status LED:  Indicates the status of the Ethernet Lan connection and ATS state.

Link LED: Indicates whether there is activity on the network.

Bank/Phase Indicator LEDs: Show alarm state for each bank and indicate bank that corresponds to LED readout.

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