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What is the different feature between Smart UPS On-Line SURT and SRT?

You May refer to the generation comparison as below.
Feature     SURT        SRT    
- Double Conversion On-Line Topology        X       X
- Rack Tower Convertible        X       X
- Smart Slot        X       X
- +/- 1% Output Voltage Regulation        X       X
- Automatic Bypass        X       X
- Hot Swap User Replaceable Batteries        X       X
- Dual Input SURT : 15kVA & 10kVA 230V only
SRT: 8kVA & 10kVA 230V only
       X       X
Auto Detect External Battery Packs         X
Predictive Replacement Battery Date         X
Multi color Graphical LCD         X
Unity Output Power Factor (6kVA-10kVA Models)         X
Start Without Battery         X
Energy Star (208 models) and Green Mode         X
Switched Outlet Groups         X
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