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Masterpact NT and NW - Maintenance guide

This guide is intended primarily for qualified personnel in charge of equipment maintenance and for Schneider Electric after-sales support personnel for the information on system diagnostics.
To maintain the device's operating and safety characteristics as they are indicated in the catalogue from the beginning to the end of the product's service life, Schneider Electric recommends that systematic checks and periodic maintenance be carried out by qualified personnel, as indicated in this "Masterpact maintenance".

Please read this document carefully and keep it at hand, near the device. It provides detailed information on:
  1. the various types of maintenance required, depending on the criticality of the protected circuit.
  2. what must receive maintenance.
  3. the risks involved if the component ceases to operate correctly.
  4. what is understood by the terms normal, improved and severe environment and operating conditions.
  5. the periodic preventive maintenance operations that should be carried out under normal environment and operating conditions as well as the level of competence required for the operations.
  6. the environment and operating conditions that accelerate device ageing. the limits governing use of mechanical and electric accessories and subassemblies.
  7. finally, all the product guides available in order to maintain the device in proper operating condition. The level II and III procedures mentioned in this guide may be obtained on request from the Schneider Electric after-sales support department.
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