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What does the meaning for A, B, C & D in Varlogic controller?

You could find the meaning of A, B, C & D in Varlogic controller as below.
A) Upstream protection Voltage input: 2A certified circuit breakers or fuses
B) Shorting block for CTCVT primary fuses and disconnect switch
D) Output relays: 10 A (max.) certified circuit breakers or fuses 
E) Capacitor primary fuses or CB’

•  Clearly label the device’s disconnect circuit mechanism and install it within easy reach of the operator. 
• The fuses / circuit breakers must be rated for the installation voltage and sized for the available fault current.
• Fuses or circuit breakers for neutral terminal are required if the source neutral connection is not grounded.   
• Put the VT ratio in programming menu, if the VT is present on input voltage measurement. 
• Before installation, see the wiring diagram behind the product (near the terminal), for the wiring connections.
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