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What is the meaning of the RM35LM33MW LED status?

Relay RM35LV measures the levels by means of discrete sensors. These two products activate their output relay when a tank is either emptying or filling.
  •  A green Un LED indicates that the supply is on.
  •  A yellow R LED indicates the state of the output relay.
  •  A yellow Tt LED indicates that timing is in progress.
  • The green and yellow LEDs flash to indicate an unacceptable setting position.
A selector switch on the front panel of these relays allows selection of the required sensitivity range and the empty or fill function. A second switch allows selection of the number of levels (1 or 2) and the type of time delay in the case of level 1 mode.

The position of these configuration switches is taken into account on energization.
  • If the configuration switch is set to an unacceptable position, the product detects a fault, the output relay stays open, and the LEDs flash to signal the position error.
  •  If the configuration switch position is changed while the device is operating, all the LEDs flash, but the product continues to operate normally with the function selected at the time of energization preceding the change of position.
  •  If the configuration switch is returned to the original position selected prior to the last energization, the LEDs return to their normal state.
Please find the additional information in the document as attached.
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