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How to connect the External Sensor CT for Micrologic 6 A/E/P/H (Residual Earth-Fault Protection)

Connection of current-transformer secondary circuit for external neutral Masterpact equipped with a Micrologic 6 A/E/P/H:
- shielded cable with 2 twisted pairs
- T1 twisted with T2
- maximum length 4 meters
- cable cross-sectional area 0.4 to 1.5 mm2
- recommended cable: Belden 9552 or equivalent.
For proper wiring of neutral CT, refer to instruction Bulletin 48041-082-03 shipped with it.
Do not remove Micrologic factory-installed jumper between T1 and T2 unless neutral CT is connected.

If supply is via the top, follow the shematics.
If supply is via the bottom, control wiring is identical; for the power wiring, H1 is connected to the source side, H2 to the load side.

Connection for signal VN is required only for power
measurements (3 Ø, 4 wires, 4CTs).

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