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How to convert the configuration parameter from ATV312 to ATV320

Please be informed that the device conversion function is available only in the SoMove FDT container.

Customer must install SoMove FDT on your PC and connect your device with PC.
Then, please follow the procedure to convert the device configuration as table below.
Step Action Comment
1 On the SoMove start page, do one of the following
  • Click the Device Conversion button
  • Press CTRL + ALT + Q keys, on the menu bar,
click File →Device Conversion
Result: Opens Device Conversion dialog box

In the Device Conversion dialog box
1. Click the  button in the Source zone
Result: Opens the Select device configuration dialog box
2. In the Select device configuration dialog box, select the configuration file (.psx) you wish to convert and then click Open
3. Select the target device in Select Target DTM box
4. Click Convert
Result: Opens Select Target Device Reference dialog box
  • The Source zone displays the path and the device type of selected configuration.
  • The Target zone allows you to select the device to which the selected configuration file is converted
3 In the Select Target Device Reference dialog box, select the target device reference in the Reference box and click OK
Result: Opens the Conversion Result and Limitations dialog box

In the Conversion Results and Limitations dialog box, click Continue.
The Conversion Results and Limitation dialog box, displays the result and limitations of device conversion operation. It consists of six columns
  • Function name: Displays the name of the function l Source Param: Displays the parameter related to the source device
  • Source Param Value: Displays the values of the parameters related to source device before conversion.
  • Target Param: Displays the parameters related to the target device.
  • Target Param Value: Displays the value of the parameters related to the target device after conversion.
  • Remark: Displays the remark related to the conversion of the individual parameters.
  • To save the conversion results and limitations (.txt format), click the Save button.
  • To stop the device conversion operation, click the Cancel button
  • To open the device conversion manual, click the Help button.
5 Read the message carefully and then click OK
Result: Opens the target device DTM with the converted configuration

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