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How to set scene programming procedure for Handheld Remote Controller(U105RHH001ZB)

Functions of ULTI Remote Controller
      Each ULTI Remote Controller works parallel with your ULTI Switches and Dimmers and allows you to pre-programme and recall lighting scenes (individual and group switches) to perfectly match your mood, giving you complete freedom of movement and control over your light settings.

Scene Programming Procedures
To set a lighting scene with multiple Switches/Dimmers and assign this scene to a button on the Remote Controller.
1. Select the Scene/Device Selector of the Remote Controller to Scene position.

2. Select the Function Selector at the back of the Remote Controller to Prog position.

3. Enter Programming Mode
3.1 Remove the cover plate of the Switch/Dimmer.                       3.2 Press the Programme button on the Switch/Dimmer. The Programme LED will turn on in red.
4. Set your desired scene by switching on/off or adjusting the lighting level on the Switch/Dimmer. 

5. Press the appropriate Scene/Device button (1-5) on the Remote Controller to save the current settings.

6. The Programme LED of all the Switch/Dimmer will turn off immediately, indicating programming is done. If the LED does not turn off, repeat step 5.

7. Exit Programming Mode
7.1 After finishing programming all scenes or devices, select the Function Selector at the back of the Remote Controller to In-Use position.

7.2 Press the programmed Scene button on the Remote Controller to verify that the instruction was successful. Repeat the above procedures if necessary.

7.3 Clip the cover plate of the Switch/Dimmer back in place.

For more information, please find the user manual as attached
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