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What does it mean Easylogic PM2200 series " Troubleshooting LED indicators " ?

Abnormal heartbeat / serial communications LED behavior could mean potential problems with the meter

If the problem is not fixed after troubleshooting, contact Technical Support for help and ensure you have your meter’s firmware version, model and serial number information available.

Alarm / energy pulsing LED
The alarm / energy pulsing LED can be configured for alarm notification or energy pulsing.

When configured for alarm notification, this LED blinks every one second indicating that a high, medium or low priority alarm is tripped. The LED provides a visual indication of an active alarm condition or an inactive but unacknowledged high  priority alarm.

When configured for energy pulsing, this LED flashes at a rate proportional to the amount of energy consumed. This is typically used to verify the power meter’s accuracy.

Heartbeat / serial communications LED

The heartbeat / serial communications LED blinks to indicate the meter’s operation and serial Modbus communications status.

The LED blinks at a slow, steady rate to indicate the meter is operational. The LED flashes at a variable, faster rate when the meter is communicating over a Modbus serial communications port.

You cannot configure this LED for other purposes.

NOTE: A heartbeat LED that remains lit and does not blink (or flash) can indicate a hardware problem.
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