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Digital Power Meter PM5350 basic setup

Setting Up the Power Meter
The power meter ships with many default values already set up. To change values, navigate to the appropriate screen and enter new values. Use the instructions in the following sections to change values. New values are automatically saved when you exit the screen and accept the confirmation request.


Power Meter Basic Setup
To begin power meter basic setup:
1. Scroll to [Maint] in the menu list.
2. Press [Maint].
3. Press [Setup].
4. Enter your setup password.

NOTE: The default password is 0000. See “Setting Up Passwords” on page 24 for
information on changing passwords.

5. Press [Meter].
6. Press [Basic]. The Basic Setup screen appears.

Use the directions in the following sections to set up basic power meter values.
NOTE: If you make changes to the basic power meter setup, all alarms disable to prevent undesired alarm operation. Confirm alarm configuration and enable the required alarms.
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