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Motor starters and contactors

Charging stations for home or private properties (indoors or outdoors). With TeSys™ offers, protect and control direct on-line or reversing motor starters.

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Servo motors for motion

Solar field local controller for Concentrated Solar Power applications (CSP). Lexium™ servo drives & motors create the perfect drive system for applications involving high-precision, dynamic positioning. They are designed for maximum ease and make your machine more productive.

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Soft starters and contactors

For HVAC and pumping control solutions. Reduce mechanical stress on your machines. Open and easy to integrate in your installation, Altistart™ is an extensive, consistent range of soft starters to make your machines last longer.

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Variable speed drives

Touch screen configuration software. With the Altivar™ range of variable speed drives, save energy and manage the speed of your motors to optimize and enhance productivity in your installations.

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Motor Starter Components Finder

A tool to select components to start, protect and control an electrical motor. Select the type of motor starter (the contactor, the soft starter or the variable speed drive), then the product details page will also propose the necessary additional components for defining its own combination motor starter. Add the products to your cart to export all the products datasheet in one document. Watch our video in the presentation tab to know how to build a combination motor starter.

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Direct On Line Motor Starters

Motor Soft Starters

Motor Fuse Devices