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    Power Monitoring Solutions

    Manage what you measure.

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Take control of your power and energy.
Maximize electrical system uptime, ensure good power quality, reduce your overall energy consumption, and control how much you pay for energy.
  • Improving your business

    Our solutions allow you to better identify and improve the follow-up of ECM (Energy Conservation Measures) through the use of your management software. They will contribute to more efficient and reliable power supply, lower rates of equipment damage and failure, resulting in minimized operational downtime. Some operations must run 24/7/365 and that is why companies with critical operations turn to Schneider Electric, an expert in critical power solutions.
  • Why Schneider Electric?

    Our power management solutions provide energy intelligence to help you proactively manage energy consumption and operating expenses while supporting strategic decision making and best energy management practices. It will help you to increase energy efficiency, to fully utilize existing assets, and cut emissions without compromising output or product quality.
  • A difference you deserve

    We want to be your trusted partner for energy. Offering you decades of expertise in electrical system management, technology manufacturing, and hardware/software integration, we deliver solutions tailored to your needs that let you track energy use, monitor internal power conditions, and make timely cost-saving decisions.
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    Maximize network reliability and performance.
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    Optimize power distribution system.
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    Improve bottom-line performance.