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    Resource Advisor

    Commercial & Industrial Customer Engagement Platform

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    Utilities need to reduce carbon and increase customer energy efficiency. Commercial and industrial customers expect higher service levels and are looking to utilities to help them reduce their consumption through energy efficiency programs. Schneider Electric understands utilities are overwhelmed with compliance mandates and resource constraints and need help addressing utility specific challenges including increasing client engagement, implementing energy efficiency improvements, “Big” data modeling, analytics and customized reporting.

    • Solutions

      Resource Advisor is the award winning Client Engagement Platform used by top utilities to enable their account managers or their commercial and industrial customers to visualize energy consumption information to drive efficiency. Resource Advisor translates data into actionable information.
    • Value Proposition

      Resource Advisor helps increase commercial and industrial customer energy efficiency by allowing them to identify opportunities to reduce consumption. Utility account managers and their customers can communicate and share information through this cloud based platform. The result is lower emissions, increased efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.
    • Differentiation

      We are a strategic partner to utilities, helping them define a commercial and industrial customer program that allows them to reduce energy waste and increase operational efficiency. Our utility expertise allows us to solve complex customer problems, enabling them to meet goals.
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    Find out more about our utility consulting services and solutions.


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      Data acquisition/reconciliation
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      Data analytics and modeling
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      Operational energy management
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      Energy benchmarking, performance, projects
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      Sustainability reporting for external purposes
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      Automated Energy Star Portfolio Manager and third party benchmarking services