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TeSys LG, LJ

Enclosed direct-on-line starters for safety applications up to 9kW/400V


TeSys LG, LJ
  • คุณสมบัติเด่น

    TeSys LG, LJ DOL starters 
    • Non-reversing or reversing DOL starters up to 9kW/400V, with or without integrated control transformer 
    • Numerous variants available on request
    • Degree of protection: IP55

     TeSys GV2 DOL manual starters

    • DOL manual starters up to 11kW/400V
    • Assembly of a safety enclosure
    • Degree of protection: IP55
    • For further information click on : Products and Services/TeSys GV2


    A large range of enclosed DOL starters, simple to choose, install and use.
    These compact, ergonomically designed starters can de wall-mounted or located remotely on a machine.


    Industry, infraestructures, building, etc.
    All machines requiring:
    • DOL starting or stopping of motors
    • On-load breaking of the machine control circuit
    • Emergency stop
    • Overload protection
    • Short-circuit protection