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Sepam 100

Additional Protection Units


Additional protection and control modules. Models available: Sepam 100MI, Sepam 100LD, Sepam 100LA

Additional protection and control modules
  • คุณสมบัติเด่น

    Sepam 100MI - Mimic diagram and local control:
    • Module with animated mimic diagram and pushbuttons for local control:
    - available in 14 standard types
    - customisable on request
    • Stand-alone or combined with Sepam
    • Local indication: breaking device, disconnector and earthing switch status
    • Local control: breaking device control, withdrawal control
    Sepam 100LD - High impedance differential protection
    • 2 versions: single-phase or three-phase, for 50 Hz or 60 Hz power systems
    • Accessories:

    - Stabilisation resistance
    - Surge limiter

    Sepam 100LA - Self-powered protection

    • Protection relay supplied from the phase 1A or 5A CT (via an interposing CT)
    • No auxiliary power supply required
    • Combined with another Sepam, provides the back-up protection
    - overcurrent protection 50/51ercurrent protection 50/51
    - earth fault protection 50N/51N
    • Tripping of the Merlin Gerin breaking device by a MITOP trip unit

    Contractual warranty
    Period : 2 years


    Simplicity and performance, headed in the right direction

    Protect your power system with full peace of mind using Sepam protection relays.
    • Reliable local control thanks to the Sepam 100MI
    • Backup protection in all circumstances thanks to the self-powered Sepam 100LA


    • Sepam 100MI: mimic diagram for local control
    • Sepam 100LD: high impedance differential protection for busbar, machine or restricted earth fault protection
    • Sepam 100LA: self-powered protection


    • Sepam 100LA
    • Sepam 100LD
    • Sepam 100MI