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NEX 17

Air-Insulated Primary Cubicle up to 17.5 kV

Medium voltage switchgear (AIS Type) Medium voltage switchgear (AIS Type) withdrawable circuit-breaker up to 17.5 kV

NEX 17
  • คุณสมบัติเด่น

    • NEX17 is a modular type tested cubicle, designed to meet local requirements and local standards, equipped with the EVOLIS vacuum circuit-breaker.
    • NEX17 is manufactured, with Schneider Electric’s support, by franchised panel builders
    • Technology: Vacuum
    • Standard: IEC
    • Rated voltage: 17.5kV
    • Busbar system: Single
    • Rated current busbar: 2500A
    • Rated operational current: 2500A
    • Rated peak withstand current: 31.5kA
    • Internal Arc Classification: AFLR 25kA/0.5s
    • Loss of service continuity: LSC 2B
    • Partition class: PM

    Contractual warranty
    Period : 18 months


    An optimised metal-enclosed switchboard concept

    • NEX 17 design takes into account the reliability needed for continuity of service, simple installation, operation and maintenance, and personnel safety.
    • NEX 17 is based on a modular cubicle structure, designed to meet local requirements and local standards.


    NEX17 is present on all electrical distribution markets
    • Energy: MV/MV substations,
    • Infrastructure: hospital, airports
    • Industries: cement, petrochemicals