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Industrial Ethernet Diagnostic Software
  • การนำเสนอ

    • Automatic discovery of networks and connected devices and ConneXium redundant ring topologies
    • Extensible device-type library to identify third party devices
    • Support of SNMP and Modbus/TCP for thorough discovery
    • Colour coded networks and devices to show real-time status
    • Customisable alarm thresholds
    • URL links and/or local actions on specific devices to speed up troubleshooting
    • Custom popup menu launch troubleshooting web pages or programming applications
    Special functions:
    • Network Assistant: a context-sensitive help file containing topics describing every network alarm in the ConneXview Alarm Panel.
    • Device Type Editor: customise or add device profiles and set alarm thresholds.

  • จุดเด่น

    Visualise your industrial Ethernet network

    ConneXview is a powerful and easy to use diagnostic software tool that makes it simple to discover, map, monitor, and troubleshoot your industrial Ethernet networks.

  • การใช้งาน

    • Industrial automation
    • Electrical distribution
    • Building automation