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    Mobile Workforce

    Engineer in factory with clipboard

    Automate maintenance, safety and environmental tasks

    Equipment failures, accidents and environmental issues can be caused by a lack of visibility to non-instrumented assets, or undetected problems during visual inspections.
    • Solutions

      The Mobile Workforce and Decision Support System is a configurable software application and rugged mobile hardware solution that enable workflow, data collection and general task management for plant operations, maintenance management, production tracking and compliance applications.
    • Value Proposition

      Automate inspections rounds and precisely follow the requirements according to corporate standards and regulators for safety, maintenance and environmental inspections
    • Differentiation

      • Proper and automatic integration with upper layer software (including ERP)
      • Time stamping 
      • Trigger special procedures Integration with measurement devices (IR thermometer..) 
      • Integration with barcode and RFID
      • Advanced functionalities


    • โรงงานปูนซีเมนต์ในช่วงกลางคืน, การผลิตปูนซีเมนต์
      Empower people
    • แท่นขุดเจาะก๊าซ, น้ำมันและก๊าซ, อุตสาหกรรมเหมือง
      Leverage standardization and improves traceability
    • คนงานขุดถ่านหินโชว์ถ่านหินในมือ, อุตสาหกรรมเหมือง, การแปรรูปแร่
      Reduce human error